Support Services

7 Cups of Tea (Nationwide) talk anonymously about anything with a trained listener
Get Connected (Nationwide) confidential support for anyone under 25 via phone, text, email & webchat
Victim Support (Nationwide) offers support for victims of all crimes
The Suvivor’s Trust (Nationwide) has a list of all Sexual Assault Referral Centres in the UK
Haven – The Survivors Network (Nationwide) provides support for survivors of sexual abuse
Rape Crisis (Nationwide) provides support for anyone who has experienced sexual violence of any kind
Chester Sexual Abuse Support Service (Chester) – for anyone aged 18 and over
Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Centre (Cheshire & Merseyside)
Survivors (Manchester) – is for male survivors
SARSVL (Leeds) – is for female survivors
Survivors (Hull) offer support to people (male or female) affected by or living with the traumatic effects of childhood and adult sexual abuse and any form of sexual exploitation including human trafficking.
The Warren (Hull) 0ffer counselling ounselling for young people aged 16 to 25. Young people under 16 can see a counsellor too.
Time to Listen (Hull) formerly known as the  Young People’s Support Service Counselling and Therapeutic Service
Hull City Council’s list of council approved support organisations (most without their own weblinks)


This list is a work in progress and further suggestions will be gratefully received.

Consent Laws and Statistical evidence (mostly UK sources)

Consent and Enthusiastic Consent


Discussions about Safer Dance Spaces

Our Facebook discussion group
Safety Dance Facebook Group
Safe Dance Space Tumblr
Yehoodi’s Resources for Creating Safe Positive Swing Scenes
San Francisco Conversation on Making Safer Dance Spaces
Lindy Hoppers Against Rape Culture Facebook Group
Summary of Local (North West England) Online Discussion

UK Professional Resources for Dance Teachers

People Dancing – The Foundation for Community Dance

Topical Blog Posts from the Lindy Hop Community

(it would be impossible to agree with every opinion given or action called for below, but in the interest of hearing every voice we are listing everything we come across)

Sarah Sullivan’s blog post, the original story that inspired the global conversation. In Sarah’s words ‘This contains a description of sexual assault, please consider this before reading further’.
Bobby White of Swungover on Sexual Abuse and a Legend
Lena Chervin for Disrupting Dinner Parties – The Problem of Power
Bridie Marie for Disrupting Dinner Parties – The “Monsters” Among Us
Sam Carroll’s Difficult Conversation about Sexual Violence in Swing Dance Communities (which predates Sarah Sullivan’s blog by several years) and her subsequent posts about codes of conduct, about empowering women in the Swing dance scene and about responsibility, including a critique of some points raised in the Yehoodi video ‘Event Organiser’s Forum on Creating Safer Dance Spaces’ linked to in the video section below.
Zack from The Jazz Monkey provides a platform for A Rape Survivors Testimony
Nicole Zonnenberg makes A Contribution to the Discussion of Sexual Harassment in the Swing Community by sharing two negative experiences.

Video Discussions from the Lindy Hop Community

Other Codes of Conduct (mostly from the US)

Yehoodi’s Compilation of Codes of Conduct (Lindy Hop and Balboa specific) and Edinbop’s Code of Conduct
Code of Conduct 101
Article: “Safe Conferences are Deliberately Designed”

If you know of a resource suitable for inclusion here, or if we’ve linked to your intellectual property and you’d rather the link be removed, please comment below:

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